Welcome to the Triple Threat Video Awards!

Updated 10/6/08

Round 3 is closed and I am updating the rules and some other things so look out for changes! 

Updated 9/30/08

New Challenge round is open....Still have 5 spot open in the Regular Round.  

 Updated 9/28/08

Entry page updated 5 spots left

Updated 9/ 25/08

Entry page has been updated 14 entries only 6 spots left!

 Updated 9/22/08

Entry page has been updated 11 entries only 9 spots left!

 Updated 9/14/08

Entry page has been updated with 5 entries. 15 more to go! 

Updated 9/13/08

I sent the Judges choice's out to all the winners PM's at Youtube and I have also posted them here for all to View...Keep Submitting new entries! 

Updated 9/11/08

Ok Winners posted all except Judges choice we will add them in a few days. As for over all hottest. I can't get the banners to show in here so I have sent Gaby and Skeezerbeans there over all hottest Banners in YT account PM's ! You guys all did such a great job thank you so much and I guess round 3 is open for business lets start submitting! 


We have 3 levels of judging!

We allow 3 different sources!

You get 3 different Judges!



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(if emailing to the personal account, please put in the subject line that it is in regards to TTVA.)